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          • Off to the side of the sanctuary was a black and white photo of Mandela, who died Thursday at age 95.
          • This is meant to be here, Peg Barratt, dean of GWUs Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, said on Wednesday.
          • The cases were uncovered by discipline inspectors in 29 provincial-level regions, the CPCs Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) said in a weekly report on its website on Sunday.
          • SHENZHEN - Chinese video sharing site QVOD was ordered on Thursday to pay a fine of 260 million yuan (.
          • If people want to work together, if they share common understanding of ideas, then they can achieve great results.
          • Strengthening investment among BRICS countries will help explore each nations potential and will raise cooperation to a new level, said Hu Yingzhi, deputy negotiation commissioner at the Ministry of Commerce.
          • Retired miner Liu Linde, 62, said he was thrown three meters off the road when the quake struck.
          • The shows artists practice the Menbris style of thangka painting that has flourished since the 15th century.
          • Live: 31 dead, 94 injured in Urumqi terrorist bombingNANJING/LANZHOU - Two flights from Shanghai to Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, landed at Nanjing and Lanzhou on Thursday for security checks.
          • Gap Inc seeks new berth in China with Old NavyMarks & Spencer fashions new sales strategy in ChinaWe can push Old Navy deep into China, said Jeff Kirwan, president of Gap Incs greater China business, speaking at the retailers investor day, which was webcast.
          • So far, the station has provided shelter for 102 injured animals such as lorises, crocodiles, monitor lizards and black bears.
          • So I dropped my fantasy about the early-years education centers and decided not to send my boy there.
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